Khalil Rizq


Hello! I'm Khalil, you may also know me by my full name: Khalil Rizq ( in Arabic: خليل سعيد رزق ), I was born January 1, 1974 in Birute, Lebanon.

I graduated from high school and start teaching myself programming and basics of marketing.

In 2000 I started my career as an individual programmer, in 2007 I became an e-marketing consultant for individuals and companies.

I joined SOLAV in the year 2010, since then I manage the Saudi projects and requests.

In my spare time, I write in various subjects, Most of my books are free as it is my way to give back to the community that helped me get started.

Read my free books:

تبسيط مفهوم الموارد البشرية

تبسيط مفهوم الموارد البشرية

Language: Arabic
ISBN: 9780463961001
OL: 27251957M
Working as a Team

Working as a Team

Language: English
ISBN: 9780463969748
OL: 27251376M

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